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What is Airgocell® foam?

Airgocell® Foam is one of the latest innovations in sleeping comfort and the foam industry. The properties of the new material are comparable to those of a gel. It adapts to every body shape individually. In addition, it provides substantial relief at the strongest pressure points, such as the shoulders and the hip region. In addition, the Airgocell® foam is characterized by an extraordinarily velvety soft feeling of the surface and is soft to the touch. Airgocell® foam helps you sleep better and has been extremely successful in the mattress industry.

The Airgocell® foam has an air percentage of approx. 50%. This makes the foam very open-pored, which allows for a comfortable sleeping climate. The air spaces in between can selectively retain and store heat. At the same time, good air circulation and moisture regulation are maintained. The properties of the Airgocell® foam are not only beneficial for private use but are advantageous for public use namely in hospitals and hotels.

Memory foam mattress for good sleep

Compared to other foams, the memory foam (also shape memory polymer or memory foam) always returns to its original form. This allows you to feel the reclining comfort of the mattress every night like new. Due to the fact that the memory foam mattress "remembers" its origin, the mattress is guaranteed a long life span. In addition, the adaptability of the memory foam mattress allows for maximum comfort . Memory foam reacts to heat and pressure which quickly molds to the body, allowing for ideal pressure relief. Mattresses with a memory effect, viscoelastic mattresses, are particularly used in hospitals beds and care homes because optimal pressure relief and longevity of the mattress is important especially for bedridden patients.

What are the advantages Airgocell® foam?

The innovative Airgocell® foam used in the Emma mattress offers an ideal amount of comfort and an enjoyable sleeping climate. Its qualities include:

  • - Innovative
  • - Open-pore
  • - Moisture-regulating
  • - Breathable
  • - Climate-regulating

The top layer of the Emma mattress is the Airgocell® layer which keeps your body temperature regulated as well as providing comfort. The Airgocell® foam layer is known for its precision point pressure relief. The body parts that sink the deepest are provided with the necessary counter pressure to offer relief and cushiony support.