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Why the Cell structure of your mattress is so important?

When purchasing a foam or latex mattress, it is important to pay attention to the cell structure of the material. You should see the 'bubbles' or 'holes' in the foam. High-quality material has an open cell structure. An open cell structure provides good ventilation and prevents night sweats. In addition, an open cell structure ensures that the pressure of the body is properly divided. Mattresses of high quality memory foam can adapt well to the body: the air of the hollow cells in which pressure is applied, spreads easily to the surrounding cells.

The open cell structure of foam mattresses allow for high breathability. High quality foam mattresses are also known for their durability. Low quality foam mattresses have problems with cell structure deterioration, leading to the collapse of the mattress. Polyether foam has a closed cell structure, and is therefore less suitable for a mattress. A mattress of polyether foam does not fit well to the body and can be very warm.

Cleaning your Emma Mattress

Emma’s highly breathable material won’t make you sweat!

  • -The special climate fibre cover regulates humidity by releasing moisture to give you the ideal sleeping climate. It is also machine washable! The bottom cover is made of 89% polyester and 11% polypropylene.
  • -The Airgocell® foam, the first foam layer, provides you with ideal comfort thanks to exceptional point-elasticity and has an open-pored structure for ideal air circulation.