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What is Elastane?

Elastane or sometimes called Elasthan is a chemical fiber. This fiber is characterized mostly by its elasticity. Even if elastane is stretched to its threshold, the fiber will go back almost to its initial length.

Elastane has been on the market since 1959. At that time, the chemical fiber was still known under the name Fiber K. Since 1962 elastane has been distributed by the Lycra brand in larger quantities. Today it is mainly used in clothing.

How is Elastane created?

Elastane is made from polyurethane and polyethylene glycol. It is a block copolymer. Polyurethanes are plastics or synthetic resins. Polyethylene glycol is a liquid or soli chemical substance. The urethane provides for the necessary cohesion of the fiber. It is located in stretched, stiff sections resting along each other. These block copolymers can easily be stretched. Due to this stretch ability an overall elongation of more than 700% is achieved.

The properties of elastane

Elastane has a high tear length of eight to 15 km and a low moisture absorption rate of just under 1%. It is very shape resistant and light as well. It also has a smooth feel and is easily dried. With this, it can be washed in water up to 40 degrees and in some cases even 60 degrees. It does not have a static charge.

The use of elastane

One of the main applications of elastane is clothing. Elastane is especially used or sportswear and underwear because these garments have to adapt to the body. Often, the elastane is then mixed with other substances such as polyamide. This is to improve wearing comfort. Elastane is used for the following garments: Tights, Sportswear, Cycling pants, Leggings, Swimwear, Socks, Underwear.

Elastane and the Emma Mattress

Elastane is also used in home textiles such as covers. For example, the Emma mattress made from 2% elastane. It has a stylish dark grey fabric finish and is removable and machine washable! The Emma Mattress cover consists of special climate fiber that regulates humidity and provides traction thanks to its anti-slip elements at the bottom. This helps avoid night sweats At the same time the cover is elastic and adapts perfectly to your body. Learn more about mattress cleaning.