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What is form stability?

Basically, the stability of a body means that it is not easily broken and therefore stable. When a stable mass or a stable body, for example, vibrates, it always returns to its initial state. Many people are familiar with the term form stability with respect to contact lenses. Form-stable contact lenses are known for their longevity and this applies equally to mattresses. Because when a mattress is described as form-stable, a long lifetime can be assumed, even at high load. The long lifetime is ensured by the fact that a mattress core made of form-stable materials always returns to its original position. This keeps the mattress comfortable and prevents indentation.

Form stability as a quality feature

Form-stable mattresses are characterized by a weight of at least 40 kg/cubic meter. Depending on the weight class, a different room weight value is recommended.

The Mattress:

  • is durable
  • maintains your lying comfort over a long period of time
  • does not form indentations

Which materials are form-stable?

Both supporting cold foam and viscoelastic foam, as components of the mattress core, are known to be very form-stable and long-lasting. Both foams are very resistant and find their original shape even after a long pressure load. This counteracts the formation of indentations. The body is supported and is stable in an orthopedically correct position without bending. No matter what type of sleep - health problems such as back pain and neck pain can be avoided. In addition to the longevity of a mattress and its form stability further properties such as climate regulation and breathability are very important.

Is the Emma Mattress form-stable?

Emma is a form-stable mattress. In fact, we guarantee the durability of our materials for a full 10 years!

Emma combines all three properties mentioned above:

  • Has a special climate fibre cover to regulate humidity
  • A point-elastic Airgocell® foam that balances pressure and provides high breathability
  • Visco-elastic memory foam to adapt to your exact body and sleeping type
  • Cold base foam optimized to offer pressure relieving support for lower back and spine

Don´t believe us? Take advantage of our 200 nights risk-free trial and experience it yourself!