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How to clean your mattress for a fresh sleep?

Most people spend a third of their lives in bed so it is important to keep your mattress clean and fresh. But how does one clean a mattress? Here are a few tips!

Does your mattress have stubborn stains? Would you sleep on a used mattress? It may be worthwhile to have a dry cleaning professional clean your mattress. They can provide deep cleaning and are able to remove large stains, mould, bacteria, dead skin cells and unwanted critters.

The daily maintenance of your mattress can easily be done by yourself. Even if you do not have kids who occasionally wet the bed or you do not suffer from night sweats, it is important to clean your mattress regularly to achieve an optimal sleep climate. Don’t give bacteria or fungi a fighting chance! When buying a mattress we suggest purchasing one with a removable mattress cover. You can wash the mattress cover regularly in the washing machine. Tough stains can be removed with simple detergent, a textile cleaner or Biotex. Urine Stains are best removed with vinegar and blood with plain water. Larger stains can be treated with a steam cleaner. Beware of excessive use of water, excess moisture can increase the risk of mould. If in doubt, thoroughly air dry the mattress in a well-ventilated room. You can also occasionally remove dust with a vacuum cleaner hose. With regular cleaning, your mattress will stay fresh and last longer.

Cleaning your Emma Mattress

Treat Emma with care! The cover is removable and very easy to clean. You just open the zip and separate the top from the bottom part. It can be washed at 40°C. Small stains can be easily removed with warm and gentle detergent. The special breathability and open-cell structure of the core materials provide a self-contained ventilation system, keeping the mattress aerated and clean.

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