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What is a visco elastic mattress?

The viscoelastic mattress is made of elastic foam, also called memory foam. Viscoelastic foam compresses due to pressure and body heat, adapting optimally to body contours. Originally, viscoelastic foam was developed for space research, later, due to its good pressure relief, the material was mainly used to make hospital beds for bedridden patients. Recently, the viscoelastic mattress has enjoyed wide popularity and is appreciated for its snug and cosy feeling during sleep. Viscoelastic mattresses are also suitable for people who perspire heavily.

Viscoelastic mattresses with cold foam or spring cores

Since a viscoelastic mattress made of pure viscoelastic foam would not provide any opposing pressure, these mattresses are always apart of a two-part construction. Under a layer of viscoelastic foam, the mattress usually has a cold foam or spring core. A cold foam core can be zoned very well, typically characterized by effective shoulder and pelvic zones,this is especially good for side sleepers. A viscoelastic mattress with spring cores allow for precise support and have breathable properties.The mattresses with spring cores are particularly suitable for abdominal and back sleepers.

The second layer of the Emma Original Mattress is made of viscoelastic materials, allowing the body to sink in evenly in the mattress i.e. the foam reacts slowly to the load. These foams are called memory foams because they return to the old starting point after the load is removed. Emma Original Mattress consists of 2 other layers, a supportive cold foam and an Airgocell® foam to distribute pressure.

You can try our Emma Original Mattress for 120 days, and if you decide that it is not the right mattress for you, you can ask for a return and full refund!